Sunday, January 18, 2009

Name that milk splash

I had so much fun with water yesterday that I decided that I HAD to try milk splashes today. Reese helped me out this time. Here's what I learned:

*Milk is more dramatic-looking than water
*Milk is messier than water (especially when you break the glass)
*Don't drop a rock into a glass dessert cup
*This technique can also be done very successfully (and with much less hassle) in the day time. It does not need complete darkness.

Because of the broken glass, we didn't get as many shots, but I still had a few that I was happy with. I though tit would be fun to name the milk splashes. What do they look like to you? Anything?

Canon 40D, 70-200mm f/4 lens, ISO 100, 140mm, f/4, 1/200 sec

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